Zantdeschia hardiness

James Waddick
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 13:49:51 PDT
>I have two Zantedeschia in the ground outdoors year round -- and as for the
>Hymenocallis liriosme, these are very close to my greenhouse walls.  One of
>them, Z. 'Green Goddess', survives right up against the wall, but does not

>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana, USA
>USDA zone 5

Dear Friends,
	I suspect Jim S and I have similar climates.  I grew Z "Green 
Goddess' for a number of year- with flowering in light shade. It 
eventually dwindle -I think after some severe weather, but I am not a 
few of big green flowers so didn't fuss over.

	Years ago I live in the middle of Kansas City and had Z. 
albomaculata planted near a concrete sidewalk and if bloomed for 
years there. I suspect the concrete slab was a heat sink that helped 
it thorugh long cold winters.

	In my current drier 'Prairie' garden I can't seem to grow and 
of the colorful Z hybrids as I wish I could.

	Can't grow everything.		Jim W.
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