geophyte seed germination

Byron Amerson
Thu, 11 Jun 2009 16:04:35 PDT
Greetings All,

The recent messages about seed germination and seedling treatment prompt me
to issue a mea culpa:  I'm the volunteer Mary Sue thought she had to help
organize a seed germination page.  I have not gotten to it.

Mary Sue has compiled a list of seed germination tips from over the years
from this list, and I guess another one.  Her personal seed germination tip
log, if you will.  It is a gold mine, really.

I actually sat down to work on this recent evening and quickly became
overwhelmed with how to organize it.  The way it is now it consists of a
list loosely organized by genus or species, frequently with multiple entries
for each.  One quickly finds contrasting suggestions, with the likelihood
that each works successfully, especially if one considers local climate,

One could organize this compilation of information by sowing season, seed
style, genus or species, or any other number of ways.  Is a simple list by
family, and then genus/species the most parsimonius approach?

I guess I've arrived at the conclusion to ask the community:  I ask you
community, how should this list of seed germination tips be organized?

Byron in sunny, but breezy-cool SF Bay Area.

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