Zantedeschia hardiness - the pink form

Paul T.
Wed, 17 Jun 2009 21:36:16 PDT
At 05:03 AM 18/06/2009, you wrote:
>I am growing the pink throated form of Zantedeschai aethiopica ( 
>Kiwi Blush) from some years but with very disappointgin result so 
>far. I got it from an UK friend, where it wa summer growing for him, 
>but I expected the plant would revert to a winter groing cycle as 
>normal for my area. The plants instead are stuck on their summer 
>growing cycle, they appear in late April, no matter of waterings or 
>temperatures, but they go dormant in summere for excessive heat, so 
>they don't increase or flower at all. I suppose thus the summer 
>growing clones don't change cycle even in a warm Mediterranean area?


I find the pink form of Zantedeschia aethopic (sold here under 
'Marshmallow' and another name, although as far as I know they are 
the same thing) a complete disappointment to me too.  While the 
straight species (i.e the normal white) flowers very well here and 
various times of the year, the pink form rarely ever flowers.  I am 
lucky if I get a flower or two each year, despite it being in 2 
separate areas and treated similarly to the species.  It has slowly 
started to clump, but not much and it has leaves above the ground far 
less than the straight species.  I am assuming that my form is 
probably the same as yours, just sold under different names in 
different countries.


Paul T.
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