Scadoxus multiflorus

Jim McKenney
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 10:24:52 PDT
Justin asked:" Jim, when you say "glad treatment" does this mean that you
also keep your potted glads in a shallow dish with water?"

I had a hunch someone would ask that question. 

Justin, you're reading something written by an old guy. Back in the bad old
days, we used the expression "glad culture" for the sorts of bulbs one
planted in the spring and dug up for storage dry indoors during the winter. 

As you no doubt know, some bulbs respond well to this treatment, some don't.

Almost everything here in a pot is also in a shallow dish of water. But I do
not currently grow any glads that way. It always amazes me that we can have
a solid week of rain every day, but if we have two dry, windy days
everything in pots is wilting. 

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