Polianthes and Manfreda crosses

Jon Lindstrom jtranelll@gmail.com
Tue, 09 Jun 2009 05:52:38 PDT
As time permits I have started to post pictures of my
various Polianthes and Manfreda hybrids (and Sinningia) to:

Some thoughts on these crosses:
Manfreda virginica conveys winter hardiness to the F1 crosses, but
the flower form strongly resembles the Manfreda (with the color
from the Polianthes parents). I am not especially enamored with
this but hope some advanced crosses improve upon it. The hybrids
though are vigorous and clump up nicely with age.

Propagation is easy by tissue culture using the immature inflorescence
as an explant source; high levels of cytokinin (I use 25 micromolar
BA) help in axillary shoot

I should probably release some of these, but I am more or less a
one-person operation
here and I teach a number of classes during the school year.

Jon T. Lindstrom
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

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