Suggesting use of a Forum was RE: People - please do not reply to "everyone".

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 03 Jun 2009 12:03:15 PDT

The people who are suggesting a change in the way we do things are not the 
people who put in hours of their time volunteering for this group so I 
rather suspect that things will stay as they are. I'm sure a lot of our 
members are already members of the Scottish Rock Garden's forum. I'm not, 
but that's just because I don't have time for it. It does not reflect on my 
admiration for it those times I take the time to look at something there. I 
think Maggi and Ian are the greatest, both for their knowledge and 
enthusiasm. But I am already maxed out on time for this kind of thing. 
Maggi and Ian aren't members of our list, probably for the same reasons I'm 
not a member of theirs. I suspect they may take a peak at it and the wiki 
from time to time since you don't have to be a member to do so. It seems to 
me that the existence of the  Scottish Rock Garden forum is a good reason 
not to duplicate it. All of those people who prefer that kind of forum 
should join it instead.

Living in a rural area where broad band is not available to many of the 
residents, I appreciate that there are people who still don't have a fast 
connection and don't wish to download images. We set up this list without 
attachments for that reason and created the wiki so there would be a place 
people could add their images. It gives people the choice of  going to look 
at and download those images or not. I'm sorry the wiki is a challenge for 
some of you, but its partly because we want more than just images. We want 
information to go with the images and we want the general public to be able 
to find both easily.  I can say from experience that the more you add to 
the wiki, the easier it becomes.

Mary Sue

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