Beginner Question: Tulip Seeds and Daffodil Seeds--What's next?

studio pozzi taubert
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:39:12 PDT
my experience with wild daffodil seeds :
I let them dry a little ( about two weeks ) storing them in a room ,
then I keep the seeds wrapped in papertowel inside a ziplok bag into  
the fridge
near the vegetables' zone,  about  two months;
in September I set a large box ( I use polystirene empty fish boxes  
with many new holes on bottom, 20 cm high )
with fine sand 80% mixed with 20% compost
and I leave the box outside  during the winter, taking care not to  
allow the birds to pick up the seeds
( you may cover that box with an empty plastic fruit cassette fixed  
with stones )
In spring you will see very thin levaes ( like grass ) 6/10 cm tall...
you'll need from 3 to 5 years before flowering...
hoping it may help...

Il giorno 10/giu/09, alle ore 21:10, ha scritto:

> I have an almost ripe tulip seedpod that I picked this week. Could
> someone please describe how to deal with these so they'll germinate
> and grow?
> I also have daffodil seeds that I'd also like to grow.
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