Agave virginica

Jim McKenney
Mon, 08 Jun 2009 12:48:53 PDT
My plants of Agave (Manfreda) virginica have finally put on some size, and I
check them daily for signs of bloom (no signs yet, but it’s early). 


These are the oddest plants. Although at first glance they look like some
sort of xerophytic plant, when you touch them there is a surprise: the
foliage looks as if it ought to be turgid, but instead it’s floppy and
rubbery. More than anything else it reminds me of a plant whose root system
has rotted and whose leaves are flagging. 


Are any of you growing the Polianthes – Manfreda hybrids or the Polianthes –
Agave hybrids in cold climates?  


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