Dahlias do not return

Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Wed, 03 Jun 2009 14:19:45 PDT
Sam Franc

> Some times very well growing dahlias do not regrow in the spring.
> Does anyone know what could possibly be the reason?
> Are there certain varieties that are weak this way?

	Hi, Sam
	If you are in Oregon, particularly western Oregon, as suggested
by your ISP address, there are a couple answers.
	First, Dahlias are only borderline hardy here.  Some of them
will make it with little care, but many, particularly the newer,
"fancier" hybrids, may not.
	Second, western Oregon is wet in winter, and dormant Dahlia
tubers may rot.  A raised position such as a raised bed, with
excellent drainage, is a good idea.  Covering with something to
divert some of the rain will also help.  If you use a sheet of
plastic, slugs and snails love to crawl under, and anything under
the plastic is lunch for them.  Raising it up so there is air
circulation under the plastic helps.  You may still need to use
a slug poison.
	If by "well growing" you mean the clumps have become crowded,
they may have pushed themselves up almost out of the ground, and
are more susceptible to frost damage.  Digging every fall, or perhaps
every other fall--half this fall, the other half the next--may be
a good idea.


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