Zantedeschia hardiness - the pink form + green goddess

Kelly O'Neill
Thu, 18 Jun 2009 13:40:42 PDT
> My opinion is that Green goddes is not
> as floriferous as Z. aethiopica. But I
> would be interested in your opinion too!

For me this is true. However, I think the green goddess can do 
very well if treated better. I'm not sure what better is though. It 
may need more moisture, shade and fertility, maybe better 
drainage, maybe regular division every few years, maybe less 
weed competition,... I have seen it flower much better at times 
and it has not been doing so in recent years when given less 
careful culture. Farmer's market customers and people who 
see it, love it (U-Pickers rarely see it as it is easily overlooked). 
So, I do need to try to spread it around more until I find what it 
likes. Maybe just some fertilizer? 

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