Zantdeschia hardiness

Tom Mitchell
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 14:34:33 PDT
Keith Ferguson wrote an interesting note in the most recent edition  
of the Hardy Plant Society's Journal (Vol. 30, No.1), in which he  
named a new cultivar of Zantedeschia aethiopica, 'Glencoe'. It has,  
he says, 'leaves 110 - 150cm high, flowers with spathe 15-20 x  
12-15cm and held 25 - 35cm above the foliage. It is very vigorous and  
very floriferous.' The clone was present in Keith's garden when he  
bought the house, in one of the coldest parts of England, and had  
apparently been there for at least 18 years, occasionally self-seeding.

It sounds good to me, but is presumably not yet commercially  
available in the USA (or the UK for that matter). I could be bribed  
to try and twist Keith's arm...

Tom Mitchell
Zone 7 and zonked after a weekend planting trees

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