tigridia pavonia

Kenneth Hixson khixson@nu-world.com
Thu, 25 Jun 2009 11:46:26 PDT
Dear Members
	Here in western Oregon, I've seen Tigridia hybrids
survive/multiply for several years.  In my own garden, there
is a clump of a yellow hybrid planted in the ground that has
been there about four years, and a couple "red" hybrids in
a raised cement block bed, about the same.  We had lows of
+14F twice last winter, with no apparent damage--but of course,
the corms were dormant.  Both clumps get lots of rain in winter,
and summer irrigation.  The clump of yellows aren't even in a
particularly well drained spot.   Plants are about a foot tall,
with flowers slightly above the leaves.  The clumps do increase,
but not rapidly.  Individual flowers do not last long (fugacious)
but there are several on a stem, and there will be flowers for
ten days or possibly two weeks, and not all corms flower at the
same time.
	Seed, sown in small pots, hasn't done well--possibly
the pot should have been brought in, or covered in winter.
Spring sown, seedlings seem slow to appear.  Although seed has
probably dropped to the ground, I don't recall seeing seedlings.

	I regard these as borderline plants, and wouldn't be
shocked if they didn't come back.


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