Manfreda -- hardiness issues.

Dennis Kramb
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 16:44:34 PDT
> Aaron’s comment sent me out to check my plants for spikes. So far, nothing.
> Otherwise, my plants seem to be growing vigorously. 
> Dennis, do your plants show spikes yet? Please say no. I figure I’m about
> half-way between you and Aaron. 

No, my plants did not bloom last year. And the bloom stalks have not 
formed this year either. I think they have depleted the thin soil where 
I was growing them. I just transplanted them about a week ago to a much 
more fertile garden bed. I made this decision when I visited the nursery 
from which mine came, and theirs were all sending up stalks, about 1 to 
2 feet already. This nursery is far out in the countryside, and fully 
exposed to the weather... so no protection from a greenhouse or anything.

Dennis in Cincy

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