Polianthes and Manfreda crosses

Jon Lindstrom jtranelll@gmail.com
Tue, 09 Jun 2009 12:43:59 PDT
>Jon, how is fragrance inherited?.
>Do any of the hardy hybrids have the fragrance of Polianthes tuberosa?
>Jim McKenney

Crosses with Poliathes tuberosa retain the fragrance of this parent. If I use
another fragrant Polianthes as a parent (e.g. 'Sunset'), the F1 progeny are also
fragrant. I don't recall any F1 flowers smelling like Manfreda virginica.

>Is anyone from further north testing these for hardiness, Jon?
>Russell, who has yet another brood of M virginica seedlings in his
>nursery at the moment.

The F1 between Manfreda virginica and Polianthes tuberosa was tried in
Kansas City
where it perished. Zone 6b is probably just as far north as these
crosses will go.

>You have made some beautiful hybrids. Same question> what about
>fragrance, both with the manfredoids and S. tubiflora hybrids. Also,
>have you used M. longiflora.
>Dylan Hannon

Thank you. A Manfreda longiflora hybrid is pictured on the flickr page as
mapo 20-06-01. I really like the evening fragrance from these crosses.
Plus these crosses will flower more than once in the growing season.
My Sinningia tubiflora hybrids are not fragrant in the F1 generation.

Jon T. Lindstrom
Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA

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