Scadoxus and Haemanthus

Jim McKenney
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 10:02:52 PDT
Alani wrote: " the main difference I have to add is that they remain
outdoors all year at this point, not just in the summer and have been quite
winter hardy in Zone 8 for over 10 years."

I've wintered Scadoxus m. multiflorus against a house wall here in zone 7
Maryland. However, the site was in the rain shadow of the roof overhang, and
the plants did not make good subsequent growth (probably because it was so

Dell wrote: " It came as a revelation that growing Scadoxus outside in the
summer is a good thing. Which ones besides S. multiflorus (ssp multiflorus
katherinae?) have people tried this with? And what about Haemanthus?"

Years ago when I grew Haemanthus albiflos, I used to put it outside for the
summer after keeping it indoors and  dry during the cold seasons. However,
because this is an evergreen species, it had to be exposed to the sun very
gradually or the old foliage would be badly scorched. 

The deciduous Scadoxus do not pose this problem: under my conditions, they
are definitely in the just about care free category.  

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