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Jim McKenney
Wed, 10 Jun 2009 13:55:31 PDT
Celeste wrote: “I would never feel comfortable giving out my street address
and/or phone number especially on a ongoing basis.? I have found that simply
joining a club can open a person up to an seemingly endless array of spam, “



I'm with Jim Waddick on this one. 


For heaven's sake, your name and telephone number and street address are
probably in numerous telephone books, available to anyone who wants to look.


And the undesirable spam (is that a contradiction?) I get is mostly the
result of visiting certain web sites, not the result of my information being
trawled from postings to discussion lists. 


But Celeste is right about joining a club (I take that to mean signing up
for an on line discussion group). For instance, I joined the Yahoo Clematis
group: what a mistake. Now every once and a while I get emails from Cindy,
Connie, Rusty and the other gals who seem to think they have what it takes
to improve my social life. Why do I suspect that theirs is a for-fee
service? There are also the folks who seem convinced I need a watch built
like a Hummer, and also the relentless, pathetic, sad stories which are a
specialty of certain Nigerians whose idea of business English is very


I've been including my email address in my signature for years, and it does
not seem to have brought on the predicted flood of spam. 




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