Hardiness of Pinellia cordata

Roy Herold rherold@yahoo.com
Mon, 01 Jun 2009 19:47:29 PDT
I grow the same Pinellia cordata clone ('Yamazaki') as Ellen, and have 
found that none of the ones that I plant intentionally persist for more 
than a year or two. However, the volunteers that fall out of pots or get 
moved by the local vermin have found several sweet spots in the garden, 
purely by chance. I have one such clump with a couple of inflorescences 
open as I write. There are numerous instances of the odd leaf here and 
there, too.

I winter over the ones in pots the same way as Judy, either in the 
freezing garage or under the bench in the cool (38F) greenhouse. They 
seem to be doing *very* well in the mild spring we've been having. There 
was a quick hot spell a month ago to get things going, and warm to 
downright chilly (39F last night, June 1) since then.

I vote for trying a few outside in NJ, but find some vermin to plant 
them for you...

NW of Boston
-7F last winter

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>> No, it hasn't been long-term hardy here - the younger ones tended to live 
>> a couple of years and then disappear.  The only ones I have now are in 
>> pots.

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