The Bulb Garden is in the mail....

Marguerite English
Fri, 26 Jun 2009 00:08:05 PDT
Dear all. 

With all of Jen and Arnold's hard work, we are actually getting the 
summer issue out a bit early!    Arnold mailed issues to the overseas 
and Canadian members today, and will be mailing the domestic issues 
tomorrow.  As always, if you are a current member of the organization, 
and if you don't get your issue in a timely manner, please email Arnold 
Trachtenberg or me.   The issue looks great after Jen applied her magic 
touches.  There is an interesting article on designing one's garden with 
irises, as well as some other treats that we hope you will enjoy.  We 
thank authors, Carolyn Craft, Judy Glattstein, Robin Hansen and Joyce 
Fingerut for providing articles.

I will be sadly working on my last issue as editor during the next 
couple of weeks. I will miss the creative challenge, but am looking 
forward to some new challenges in my life.   My daughter's company 
retired her early, so she is starting a small business doing graphics 
and web pages.   I will be helping her with some of the technical work.  
We've already been working on a couple of things.  I had forgotten how 
much 'midnight oil' one can burn creating and debugging software 

I've also been delighted to spend some extra time in my greenhouse and 
garden, and have been busily packaging up the winter blooming bulbs for 
the summer.   Unfortunately, I was holding some of them in a spot which 
was getting extra moisture, so instead of going dormant some have turned 
to mush.   I hate when that happens.   Also last year I sent the rain 
lily collection outside for the summer, and didn't get all the labels 
back into the right containers, so I'm going to have to try to identify 
them as they bloom later in the summer.  All of the  Lachenalias bloomed 
this year, but none of the Romulea did.  Outside, a patch of Sprekelia 
had gorgeous red blooms one day and were squirrel dinner the next!    
Thanks to my dog, the squirrel has since passed on to a better place; 
just not quite soon enough!     There's always something happening to 
thwart my daydream to have the best bulb collection I can!    Still, the 
Bearded Irises bloomed beautifully this year, as did Dutch Iris, 
Ranunculas and Daffodils.              Marguerite

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