Molly Grothaus's tile garden, was Re: planting in pipes

Jane McGary
Mon, 08 Jun 2009 09:39:51 PDT
After seeing Molly's arrangement with the flue tiles, I investigated 
getting some myself, but I found that they are now rather expensive. 
Because there's a manufacturer near me, I asked about getting 
"seconds" that couldn't be used for chimneys, and they said they 
could not legally sell them to me because if they ever got used for 
chimneys (supposing that I was really a shoddy contractor and not a 
gardener), they could cause a fire and the company might be sued.

The nice thing about using the flue tiles rather than clay drainpipes 
is that the former are square and can be stacked neatly together. 
However, you could use round ones and fill in the gaps with sand, in 
which seedlings would grow if you didn't catch all the seeds before 
they dropped. You should do this anyway to moderate moisture and temperature.

Rodger is right, Molly's flue tile arrangement did have some summer 
shade. It was also on enough of a slope that it "stepped" up, making 
tending it a little easier. She told me she put the scraps of 
composition roofing on certain plants to restrict water in later 
spring, not to keep moisture in.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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