Scadoxus multiflorus

Susan B
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 07:56:30 PDT
Hi Jim, mine have been blooming here in TN for a few weeks.  It's very considerate of them to do it a few at a time, they are one of my favorite blooms.
I've never heard that about the water, my pots are sitting outside with everything else and they don't get special treatment, and seem to grow just fine.
The one I've had trouble with is S. puniceus (I think the spelling is right, not sure!)- it puts up nice leaves every year but has never flowered.
zone 6-ish

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Scadoxus multiflorus is putting up the first scape of the season here. 


This plant is evidently very well adapted to pot culture and “glad


I keep the pot in a shallow dish which almost always has water in it. I’ve
read the in the wild some Scadoxus and Haemanthus sometimes grow in sites
underwater during the flowering period. I’ve never seen any sign of bulb rot
in my potted plants – continually wet soil during the growing season is what
they get here. 


Is this species an anomaly in that respect? Are other species in these
genera touchier about water? 



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