Beginner Question: Tulip Seeds and Daffodil Seeds--What'snext?

Jane McGary
Thu, 11 Jun 2009 09:19:23 PDT
Mary Sue wrote,
>A number of people have wished we had more
>about growing from seed on the wiki. I thought I had a volunteer working on
>this, but I guess he hasn't found the time to do it. But here's suggestions
>from another list long ago:

A couple of years ago, needing a lot of copy in a hurry, I wrote a 
longish article about growing various genera of bulbs from seed for 
the Rock Garden Quarterly. John Lonsdale kindly read the draft and 
added some comments about points where his practice differs from 
mine, and I incorporated these with credit to him.

Should I provide this to be posted on the wiki?

It's about the time when my summer-dormant bulb seedlings are 
withering. When they do this, they should be stored in a shady place 
and not allowed to dry out completely, as the tiny bulbs may not 
survive desiccation (especially Fritillaria and others without a 
tunic). John puts sheets of Styrofoam over his; I cover mine with 
upturned flats and lightly sprinkle them occasionally until potting 
them on in late July or early August.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon,

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