What's Blooming Oregon

Robin Hansen hansennursery@coosnet.com
Mon, 01 Jun 2009 07:17:54 PDT
Ken and others,

Do you find that Camas leichtlinii, white form, generally blooms later than the blue?  Mine (single) is just now blooming and the flowers are huge and beautiful, but my other camas are nearly over.  Seems like this happened last year also.

Triteleia grandiflora howellii is blooming as is T hyacinthina and some of the others in this group.  Allium hyalinum is blooming also.   The May-June-July bloom is much appreciated at this time of year.

What has surprised me though is how long Iris douglasiana has been blooming, at least a month.  This is a large clump recently planted, and looks as though it has enough buds to continue for several weeks yet.

Is anyone familiar with Thalictrum tuberosum?  Raised from seed, it is blooming for the first time.  The flowers are large, 5/8" or more and creamy white with yellow stamens on a plant that is maybe 4" at the moment.  I can't seem to find much information and am hoping someone can tell me whether it's small enough for a shady trough.

Robin Hansen
Southwest Oregon and yet another foggy day, but warm

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