Garden Tours (was: New Crinum and Zephyranthes hybrids)

Jay Yourch
Tue, 02 Jun 2009 07:35:38 PDT
No collection is ever complete!  My Crinum collection is a distant second to Alani's, he's been at it for longer than me and also has a better climate for growing the more tender species and their hybrids.  I have a few tender species growing in containers on the deck, but the repotting, and especially the watering, of container grown plants takes so much time that I try to focus on bulbs that can stay in the garden year round.

I've already given garden tours to a couple of visitors who found me through PBS, so if any of you are nearby and want a tour, just contact me first.  My house and garden are located on an interesting site, so I can promise you'll see something beautiful no matter what time of year you visit, but the Narcissus peak in late February through March, the Crinums, rain lilies, and gingers June through September.


Lee Poulsen wrote:

Wow, Jay, you've got quite the (complete?) collection. If I'm ever in 
your part of the country, I'd love to see it, even if nothing is in 
bloom (and if you allow that kind of thing...).

BTW, I don't know how many of you out there do that kind of thing (let 
people see your collection if they happen to be in your vicinity), but 
I'm more than happy to do so, even though half my collection is dormant 
at any given time of the year (and it's not very organized).

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