Manfreda -- sources and reference collections

aaron floden
Mon, 22 Jun 2009 10:39:10 PDT
 I would suggest checking Mesa Gardens seed list in January. Some years they have some good selections of Manfreda.

 and; which also has a good selection of wild collected seed some year, but the fees are too much for a few packs of seed for some in the US.

 and; which is part of Yucca Do and some years they have Manfreda.

 I have contacted some people at Cornell where Verhoek did her PhD work and it seems her collection of plants was either distributed or slowly killed through neglect. I may try one more time to see what may still be left there.

 The Prochnyanthes from Rarepalmseeds germinated very badly. Of the 100 ordered (ca. 50 or less received) only 9 germinated, 5 rotted off and 4 are now growing well. Two more dormancy periods and they may flower.

 Aaron Floden
 Knoxville, TN



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