"Dicentra scandens"

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 11 Jun 2009 07:47:24 PDT
Dear PBS friends,
	I debated sending this note to PBS, but found the offending 
(?) pic on the wiki at 

	This looks like my plant, too.

	I'd be hard pressed to include this among geophytic subjects, 
but the PBS-ers  grow a range of odd and interesting items.

	This spring I have been growing seed from the NARGS seed 
exchange labelled 'Dicentra scandens'. This is a climbing 
yellow-flowered bleeding heart and an annual for me. Years ago I used 
to grow both this species and the closely related D. macrocapnos 
although I don't recall the differences at the moment.

	Or so I thought.

	I was recently at a new nursery that offered plants labelled 
'Dicentra scandens' distinctly different and much nicer than any I 
had ever grown. This lead to the "Flora of China" which states that 
all the climbing yellow (mostly) flowered bleeding hearts are now in 
the genus Dactylicapnos and that 10 of the 12 (!) species are native 
to China. Here's the Flora of China key to their species:

	My D. scandens has pale yellow,  triangular flowers on vines 
up to 8 ft or so. As I recall the plant is an annual, but can self 
sow and come back from seed. I usually save a few to start each 

	The new plant I saw had bright, clean yellow heart- shaped 
flowers (like Dicentra macranthos - now Ichtyoselmis macrantha). And 
the foliage was distinctly different- more coarse than my D. 
scandens, but still very lacy.

	So what is with all these climbing yellow bleeding hearts? 
And does any one grow any species with orange flowers? Are any 
reliably hardy in Zone 5/6? Can anyone put some  more accurate names 
on these things?

	Appreciate the discussions.		Jim W.

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