Fiction Authors Get It Wrong

Jim McKenney
Sat, 13 Jun 2009 05:29:12 PDT
Is anything in the movies true? 
The old Tarzan movies are a hoot. Alberto has already mentioned the tigers.
Even as a kid I spotted the Asian elephants which were the only ones used in
scenes with humans nearby. Evidently the movie producers were taken to task
over this because Asian elephants fitted out with huge fake African elephant
style ears sometimes appear. That only made it worse: Asian and African
elephants have very different profiles, poises and so on. 
The vegetation in the old Hollywood jungle movies was also ridiculous - an
ecologically nonsensical assortment of potted palms, philodendrons and other
commercial flora mixed with no regard to hemisphere of origin or ecological
An oft repeated scene: a magnificently coiffed male lion emerging from
thick, lush synthesized jungle. In the German language, the lion is Der
Wüstenkönig, King of the Desert. Wuestenkoenig's flowing coiffeur had
somehow been preserved from damage as he made his way through the silly
tangle of generically tropical plants to appear, Anglicized, as King of the
Bollywood routinely films scenes in the mountains of Switzerland: never knew
that the flora of Kashmir had such a distinctly European flavor. 
A people who believe that the camera does not lie deserve this sort of

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