iris fly? possible identification.

Adam Fikso
Thu, 11 Jun 2009 19:16:24 PDT
If whitefly does not pupate--how come there is a title:  Whitefly Pupae of 
the World-- noting 31 genera?  I suspect that the term "whitefly"  is one of 
those all-embracing common names that taxes taxonomists.

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> What you have is a leaf miner, either a moth or a fly. I coudn't tell more 
> from your picture. White flies do not pupate (incomplete metamorphosis) 
> and are in the family Homoptera, which includes scale insects and mealy 
> bugs. You can cure the latter, leafminers are unreachable.
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>> >Dear Janos.  The pupa in the size and description you offer fits the
>> >description of whitefly (Aleyrodes spiraedides)
>> Whiteflies are not flies(Diptera) but Hemiptera and are suckers not
>> borers.
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