fiction writers get it wrong

Sun, 14 Jun 2009 09:21:49 PDT
i caught the end of one of those "law & order: SVU" episodes (while i like the original L&O, i hate the SVU spin-off).  the whole murder mystery hinged on the fact that they found the "pollen" of a rare orchid on the murder victim's clothing.  the suspect was a wealthy eccentric that had a greenhouse full of rare orchids.  they even had some long latin name they used.  of course, the researchers went to the trouble to find a latin name of a rare orchid, but they didn't know that orchids don't produce powdery pollen, but pollinia, which are packets of orchid pollen, which is somewhat like a paste.  orchid pollen is not dust-like and gets airborne or easily smudged on someone.

what i really find it funny are tv shows or commercials showing people working in their "greenhouses," and they have tons of flowering phalaenopsis, because of course, orchids bloom 12 months of the year.

also, just saw an ad in a magazine, they had a picture of living room with a Spatiphyllum with tons of purple flowers (probably plastic flowers stuck in the pot).

tsuh yang


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