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Chad Schroter
Tue, 02 Jun 2009 11:06:30 PDT
Hello Jay,
I have the same issue with watering, so my whole yard and pots are

For a while (15 years) I used the Toro brand controller from Home
Despot, it allows for up to 8 stations and has a flexible watering time
in minutes. I have had no issues with these controllers or the Toro

At one point I had 2 separate 8 station controllers since I had 14
separate zones... This was hard to program as they should not run at the
same time...

I have since upgraded (3 years) to a RainBird 16 station controller and
I am very happy with it. I have my pots on a 2 times per day cycle of 4
minutes each (11 am and 3 PM). This timing is important for clay pots in
full sun here in CA. The controller supports 4 different programs - so
in my case I have the pots cycle(2x per day) the once a day cycle (some
drip lines), the every other day cycle (other drip lines) and
Monday/Thursday for the sprinkler systems.

For my pots (which are all different sizes and spread throughout the
garden) I have switched from regular drippers to mini-sprayers which
connect via 1/8 inch tubing from the main 1/2 inch line. These do a good
job of wetting a large area of the potting soil surface and avoid the
dry-side syndrome. The sprayers are available is different rates - to
adjust for pot size and exposure etc.

Chad Schroter

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HI all,


what was said,

 I have a few tender species growing in containers on the deck, but the
repotting, and especially the watering, of container grown plants takes
so much time... 


> Jay




For me manually watering just isnt gonna happen. I have about 95% of my
things set up for automatic watering but all I have are those cheap
timers that wally world carries. They are only set for 15 min increments
and that either waters too much or not enough.


Has anyone used those timers from Rainbird and if so do they last more
than a season? I have seen where some of their timers can run up to 9 or
so different watering lines. They are a bit expensive but if they are
worth it I will install a system.




Woodville, TX 8b/9a





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