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Justin Smith
Tue, 02 Jun 2009 10:35:25 PDT
HI all,


what was said,

 I have a few tender species growing in containers on the deck, but the repotting, and especially the watering, of container grown plants takes so much time... 


> Jay




For me manually watering just isnt gonna happen. I have about 95% of my things set up for automatic watering but all I have are those cheap timers that wally world carries. They are only set for 15 min increments and that either waters too much or not enough.


Has anyone used those timers from Rainbird and if so do they last more than a season? I have seen where some of their timers can run up to 9 or so different watering lines. They are a bit expensive but if they are worth it I will install a system.




Woodville, TX 8b/9a





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