Zantdeschia hardiness

studio pozzi taubert
Sun, 14 Jun 2009 11:55:46 PDT
My experience with Z. Aethiopica is that this plant is an evergreen  
in proper conditions,
the old leaves will slowly whiter while new leaves are growing,
I saw wild specimens filling different places in Tanzania, from very  
wet to quite dry,
but always with some shadow offered by tall plants.
They usually flower in August there, but they are always rich in  
leaves showing
some flowers in December, obviously the seasons are opposite there .

I usually grow them outside in full ground covering the flowerbeds  
with high layers of
leaves, and I clean the flowerbeds in March,
I saw that the tubers of the plants with rotting leaves not cut away,  
may rot during
winter dormant period  and small plants will appear ,
If I clean the whitering leaves the tubers don't rot easily.

I grow some plants in pots and I keep them outside till the beginning  
of October,
then I move them inside in cool place till November and then into a  
warm room
with a lot of light from windows,
in this way I have them flowering from half December till January...
The flowers are a bit smaller but they do last  very long ...
By hand pollination I had some seedpods ready in late March..

Il giorno 14/giu/09, alle ore 20:10, Jane McGary ha scritto:

> This is news to me. Here in Oregon, Z. aethiopica is dormant in
> winter and emerges in mid-spring, going dormant by late summer. It is
> in flower now.

Giorgio Pozzi
Travedona (Varese)
Italy zone 7/8

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