The BX and a few comments about it

Dell Sherk
Fri, 19 Jun 2009 14:06:42 PDT
Oh gee, Justin, I guess I made a mistake. Please send $3.00 instead.


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Hi all,
I just got my order from BX 205. I want to thank Dell for it arrived safe
and sound. I know Dell does a great job with it and he should have the
appreciation of everyone that participates in the BX.


The people who donate items also deserve the appreciation of all. For
without either Dell or those people who donate, the PBS would not be as


I do have a question about it.


The cost of my latest purchase was $1.00 and just the postage alone was


My cost seems a bit low considering the all of the time and supplies
involved. Am I missing some payment that I owe that I do not know about? I
am going to pay more, $1.00 just does not feel right considering the cost of
getting the seed to me.




Woodville, TX 



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