Hardiness of Pinellia cordata

Judy Glattstein jglatt@hughes.net
Mon, 01 Jun 2009 18:00:30 PDT
How hardy is Pinellia cordata? I have a dozen or more little single-leaf 
plants sprouting in the gravel of a narrow bed between front walk and 

I grow Pinellia cordata as potted plants. In winter the pots go into an 
unheated garage, attached to house where it gets cold but doesn't 
freeze. The pots are ignored all winter, hauled out sometime in early 
May. Water, and away we go again.

Clearly, last summer little leaf-borne tuberlets (or whatever we want to 
name them) fell off the leaves, dropped into the crevices between the 
stones - and survived.

I wouldn't have anticipated this happening. So is Pinellia cordata hardy 
enough to plant out in my woods? Arisarum proboscideum is hardy, grows 
well and seems to increase, if that's any help.

Judy in New Jersey where days are mild and nights are on the chilly side

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