Opuntia flower with ants

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Tue, 23 Jun 2009 07:03:13 PDT
In my yard, I have seen ants "farming mealybugs".? The ants move the mealybugs around (woe to the host plant, it is a sticky mess) and eventually you get a mass of mealybugs and a mess of ants.? I shoot them off with?a strong steam of water and follow up with insecticide?if necessary because they both are persistant and mealies dangerous to my succulents if not controlled?.

Celeste G.
Phoenix, AZ
Where it is a beautiful 84F now but going to 108F?later today??

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Hi Dennis: 


              Do these ants eat pollen or are they actually herding aphids or 
mealybugs around?

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