Zantdeschia hardiness

Kelly O'Neill
Wed, 17 Jun 2009 03:06:12 PDT
On 14 Jun 2009 at 11:10, Jane McGary wrote:

> This is news to me. Here in Oregon, Z.
> aethiopica is dormant in winter and
> emerges in mid-spring, going dormant by
> late summer. It is in flower now.
> Another odd thing is that although this
> is widely regarded as a wetland plant,
> clogging ditches when it escapes in mild
> climates, here one sees it flourishing
> in sites that become completely dry in
> summer: 

I'm a bit south of Jane. Here, the Z. a. types are trying to grow 
all winter. Every significant frost turns any growth to mush and 
so they can seem to be dormant. When frosts stop they recover 
quickly and bloom in May-June. Flower vase trivia: To get much 
longer cut-flower stems, carefully pull them rather than cut 
 They do remain evergreen if watered in summer. They look 
best in some shade. I like to extend the bloom season and 
have them planted in all sorts of conditions. They do do ok in 
full sun with no summer watering (and are summer dormant). I 
have seen the advise to plant them in water.  I have not had 
luck planting them more than a few inches below the water line 
in my fluctuating winter flooded areas. I will try some more 
though. I'd guess they like summer wetland, winter dry 
conditions? They do so well here, I am concerned they may 
turn out to be invasive and difficult to control someday. 

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