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Boyce Tankersley
Tue, 02 Jun 2009 11:47:35 PDT
Hi All:


I've used Nelson, Rainbird and Toro irrigation timers under commercial
conditions.  All of them will work for watering landscapes/pots. The
price varies from dealer to dealer and city to city - so find the one
that is least expensive in your area.


If at all possible use the electric/mechanical (less expensive) ones.


I do not recommend the digital timers. I've found dirty (fluctuating)
current, lightning, etc. messes up the (more) expensive digital timers.


The electric/mechanical ones last more than a season. The digital timers
will last as well assuming you experience no nearby lightning strikes
and you have good quality electricity.


If you can not afford one of the higher end timers that can water in
shorter than 15 minute increments then try using nozzles with a reduced
water flow. Both Toro and Rainbird offer low volume emitters - not sure
about Nelson.


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Has anyone used those timers from Rainbird and if so do they last more
than a season? I have seen where some of their timers can run up to 9 or
so different watering lines. They are a bit expensive but if they are
worth it I will install a system.








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