Agave virginica

Tue, 09 Jun 2009 08:47:33 PDT

I missed this post of your also but we seem to be thinking alike on
this subject. Your point about how long it takes for the leafy bits to
die off well illustrates the problem of developing an accurate and
complete lexicography for these behaviors of plants. The practical use
of these terms must be less strict than their technical definitions if
they are to be of any help to us.

Someone earlier mentioned hapaxanthic, a term I always thought sounded
really cool. But it is somewhat archaic these days and is generally
restricted in use for some palms and bamboos. One definition said that
it covers plants that die after mass flowering but that it would not
cover annuals, such as snapdragons, since they may bear flowers and
seed capsules at the same time. You can't win.


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