Fertiliser-mushroom compost

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There's an ambiguity in "rich" there, Arnold.  Horses are both tough and 
extremely delicate.  Food that's too rich will kill them fast. They're 
subject to a kind of "diabetes" where they can't manage much sugar, and are 
insulin resistant, their hooves break down, and they can't walk much less 
run, so by and large they don't get "rich" food, but certainly the best that 
can be gotten in terms of carefully grown, and carefully cut hay with not 
too much alfalfa in it (too rich) , etc. And all food is pretty carefully 
measured.  But, yes, it seems to be just fine as a low nitrogen fertilizer. 
Also, it almost NEVER has any black walnut or red maple chips or sawdust in 
it because these are very toxic to horses, and even brief contact with these 
woods in their bedding (say--overnight) can kill them. (No joke--serious!) .
Adam in Glenview, whose wife has a horse

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> I've read the best place to get your horse manure  is at a race stable.
> The thoroughbreds eat like the rich and famous so it makes sense that
> what comes out the back end is equally rich.
> Arnold
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