iris & guest

Dennis Kramb
Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:59:39 PDT
First, forgive this cross post.  I am continuing to transplant species 
irises from my pond, into a new bed.  So many of my pots in my pond have 
become jumbled up over the years, some over run with a 
grass/sedge/whatever, some died out and are empty.  Some seem to have 
delightful surprises in them.... and that's where I'm seeking help from 
you all.

This looks like it may be something important.  I once had Hymenocallis 
in this pot, but never saw it again... and that was YEARS ago.  Could 
these be Hymenocallis?   (there's 2 of them in this photo)

This same pot also once held Iris tridentata.  I think once I untangle 
the root mass away from the grass/sedge/whatever I'll be able to better 
guess what it is.   (you can see that mystery 
plant on the right side of this photo, the Iris species is on the left)

I'll have some more pictures in a bit... of other aquatic/emergent 
mystery plants... perhaps severely OT, but oh well.  :-)

I'm really anxious to get that first mystery plant identified.  If it's 
not Hymenocallis, what could it be?  I don't see it growing in any other 
pots yet.  But I've only been through about 8 and have 20+ more to go !

Dennis in Cincinnati where it's 75 degrees out and I got off work at 
3pm, WOO HOO!  And I'm covered in pond muck!  Ain't life grand?  :-)

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