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    If the seed still retains the fleshy pulp, leave them for several hours in a dish with water. As it becomes soft, remove and wash the seeds clean. In Spring sow them in a pot with well draining mix, and place it in a warm spot if possible with good light. Germination will be good and uniform if fresh. Have them growing for as long as possible for your spring, summer and autumn. They are apt to go dormant almost overnight, making one fear they have rotted and died. Once they go dormant keep them stored in their pots and restart in spring (dry winter dormant). If they are grown really warm, they will grow well and flower in about its third year. If not they will take forever to reach maturity. 

All parts of the plant are poisonous. 


In the wild inhabitant of coastal sandy soils or duenes in E. Africa and India. 



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