James Waddick
Mon, 23 Mar 2009 20:00:12 PDT
Dear Friends,
	This week two 'new' Corydalis have started to bloom in my 
garden. Both are from the PBS BX and noteworthy.

	I have grown both tuberous and fibrous rooted Corydalis  a 
variety of time. I suppose C. lutea the longest , but also the 
similar local native C. aurea. I've grown and killed a number of blue 
Corydalis  from Dufu Temple to C. elata and others- a couple purple 
forms, too.

	My most persistent in a limited variety has been C. solida 
from a Ruksans mix.

	So maybe a dozen or more have been tried and most have 
failed, but a couple years ago I got C. solida "Eco special Pink ' an 
improved pink 'George Baker in fall of 07. This is its second bloom 
season and it is glorious and showy.

	Last fall I got C. turtschaninovii  also from the PBS BX. It 
has a single flower head just opening in a rich two tone true blue 
combination (see  I 
love it.

	Admitting some disdain for the dullness and lack of hardiness 
or persistence or my previous Corydalis, I may have to change my 
mind. Maybe it is the season. They are great.

	Thanks to PBS and R. Herold (donor of both). Jim W.

	Kansas City has a ranging wind storm howling all day and 
threats of thunder, large hail and tornado - spring.
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