Thanks for coming and other info
Tue, 17 Mar 2009 10:31:34 PDT
Jane, you were definitely not an ungracious hostess.  Everyone there  was 
aware of how much work you must have done to put on such a wonderful  weekend.  
On top of that you opened your garden.  You did try to  answer everyone's 
question and we all realized you had lots of questions and  someone always standing 
in the wings with another request.  So get over  that feeling, you were very 
gracious.  The entire weekend was  wonderful.  All of the speakers were 
wonderful and highly entertaining as  well as informative.  Thanks much to you and 
everyone else who worked so  hard to put on this event.  And congratulations on 
your writing  award.  Thanks for all of your contributions to the e-mail 
forum of the  PBS.  We all learn a lot from you and appreciate it very much.
I did want to tell you on a personal note some information I have on Lichen  
planus since you said you had this on your skin previously.  It can come  
back.  I have gone through a nightmare circus with this.  One doctor  was 
screaming at the others to remove my toungue and do other radical  things.  It hit me 
fast and furious and caused a lot of problems in my  mouth.  I have had 
several strange surguries in my mouth lately, including  3 bone grafts.   I was sent 
to a total of 9 different specialist  before getting to where I am now.  
Luckily one of those specialist is  specifically studying this condition in the 
mouth.   I  went to UC Medical Center in SF weekly to see her for a couple of  
months.  This is where I learned information that you should know if you  get 
it again, especially in the mouth.  She thinks it is caused by food  allergies. 
 I have always known I was allergic to most fish which causes  internal hives 
and can be life threatening. I knew  milk  products causes me stomach upset.  
She had me tested for food allergies and  found I am even far more allergic 
to wheat, soy, and peanuts, and a few  other things, none of which I was aware 
of.  She thinks some allergies  manifest themselves in other than obvious ways 
and thereby cause more silent  serious problems.  The other doctors all 
disagree with her, but as  long as I avoid these foods I have no lichen planus.  
Occassionally It will  flare again briefly so I just guess I have eaten 
something else that I am  allergic to and don't know what it is.  If I eat 1 cracker, 
1 cookie or a  small piece of bread, it flares up in my mouth again.  In spite 
of all  of the  disruption it has caused in my life I still think of myself 
as a  healthy normal person and always have. But i am irritated at 2-3  doctor 
appts weekly this year. 
I am not telling you this for sympathy, I'm a lucky healthy person, it  could 
have been so much worse if I had listened to the wrong doctors.  I  just 
wanted to tell you because you said you had lichen planus on your  hip.  If it 
ever comes back and hopefully it doesn't, I wanted you to have  this information 
so you could look for a cause that could eliminate the problem  easily.   
Again, I feel lucky, so many people have much worse problems  and it's so easy 
just to eliminate these foods from my life it that solves the  problem.
Thanks again for such a wonderful weekend experience.  My only regret  was I 
didn't get to all of the gardens.
Carolyn Craft
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