Thanks for coming and What shall we do now?

Jane McGary
Wed, 18 Mar 2009 18:41:15 PDT
Hi, Matt,

You could have come to the social PBS gathering whether you had paid 
dues or not, sorry you did not understand that.

The Bulb Exchange has many South African items and others suitable 
for greenhouse cultivation in your area.

Of course I know you by name, though not by face, but now I hope I 
will recognize the face if we are at the same meeting in the future.

That's great that you have flowered Tropaeolum azureum. I did not 
understand it when I first grew it, and lost it. Then I saw it in the 
wild and realized what kind of conditions it wanted. I'll certainly 
attempt it again.

Best regards,
jane McGary

At 04:14 PM 3/18/2009, you wrote:
>Congratulations Jane on your new role as President, I wish I was able to
>attend the cocktail party, Saturday and meet the other members, but I knew
>that I still needed to pay membership ( I've been a lurker for years and
>paid a few times, but being from the east, it seemed as if I would not get
>much...clearly I am wrong! And now, as I am swimming in many South African
>bulbs, I will need to share some with the group, so I will join, assuming I
>can join online - will go check now.
>I met a few members at the NARGS meeting, including you Jane, finally, which
>was very nice ( even though you told me that you did not know me), at least
>I am familiar with your name and books, and it was an honor to meet some
>other members too.
>Best regards from a New England which is slowly becoming more springlike and
>with a Tropeaeolum azureum in full bloom in the greenhouse.....finally after
>four years of no growth, and with a tag that had read 'T. Tricolor", I am

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