Fertiliser-mushroom compost or gone over to dung

Dell Sherk ds429@comcast.net
Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:03:50 PDT
I don't have a convenient source of any kind of manure unless I go around
collecting deer, Canada goose, and dog  manure from the lawn. I have used
aged horse manure with great success, but I believe that it was more a
matter of increasing the organic content of the soil than of the nutrients
that were available. In "the old days," one could get bags of dehydrated
manure in garden and feed stores. It even came in different flavors:  cow,
sheep, and chicken. My father used this kind to make manure tea for his
vegetable plants. Why don't I see these products for sale anymore? Darryl
"Dash" Geoghegan in Australia, whom some of you know, feeds his bulbs -
especially crinums - with manure tea. And what is this stuff about "compost

SE PA USA, Zone 6/7

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