two more mysteries

Dennis Kramb
Wed, 18 Mar 2009 17:44:45 PDT
Oh I had another idea on those first mystery plants... could they be 
Spiranthes cernua?  Whatever they are, they are growing quite happily 
just submerged below the pond surface... and spread by stolons, and have 
apparently taken residence in 4 or 5 pots... as well as some free 
floating fibrous plant "muck".

Here's another plant... maybe this is Helonias bullata?  Or maybe just a 
weed?  It kinda looks like Manfreda virginica.  :-)

And another, obviously aquatic, probably "weed", but it looks cute and I 
wonder if someone can recognize it?

Please don't tell me duckweed.  LOL.

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