Looking for pic of the smaller Narcissus fly

Hafsteinn Hafliðason hortice@emax.is
Fri, 27 Mar 2009 01:36:55 PDT

Try to google: "Eumerus strigatus" for pictures!

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Some time last year I found a very small brown pupae inside one of my small 
amaryllid bulbs that had been eaten up from the inside. I placed it in a jar 
and promptly forgot about it. I just came across it tonight. The little bug 
had hatched out and the poor little thing (i presume its a fly) died all 
alone in the jar. Though I shed no tear for it I would like to compare it to 
a pic of the smaller narcissus fly. I am afraid to take him out of the jar 
for fear a wind current would carry him off onto the floor to be lost 
between cookie crumbs and tracked in muck from my shoes.

So if you know of a link to a pic of the smaller Narcissus fly please share 
it. I can't seem to find one.

Thanks all


Woodville, TX 8b/9a

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