Sat, 07 Mar 2009 14:50:15 PST
Hi everyone,
I think it is about time to introduce myself. I'm not very computer
literate, but the rest of my family is, and they are very helpful.
Although I joined the Pacific Bulb Society over a year ago, this is my
first post. Ever. Anywhere.

My name is Colette Menasian and I have gardened from the foothills of Mt.
Hood, and Portland Oregon as a kid and young adult, Seattle, and then in
the Eastern U.S. in Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
and currently near Ithaca, New York. Now I am looking forward to moving
back to my beloved Pacific Northwest within the next year or so.

Amateur gardening interests range from vegetables, fruits and nuts,
succulents, green roofs, trees sub-shrubs and shrubs, to alpines (heavily
influenced by wandering in Cascade and Olympic Peninsula alpine meadows)
and ericaceous plants. Some groups I have in the past, and/or currently
belong to are NARGS, The Rhododendron Society, The Backyard Fruit
Growers, and The Master Gardeners.

I have been happily participating as a recipient of your amazing BX
offerings, and enjoying reading your posts both informational and
congenial. Shortly after joining PBS I was blown away with gratitude by a
post from Mary Sue Ittner giving advice I desperately needed about how to
propagate both winter and summer growing bulbs from the BX from which I
had just requested seed. Since then, I have come to rely on the shared
wisdom from the very knowledgeable and generous members here and wish to
give you all my deepest thanks. To those who toil away hours upon hours
building and contributing to the wiki, publishing the newsletter, and
otherwise tending to the business of keeping this group humming along,
again, my sincerest thanks.

Sometime in the future I hope to have something worthwhile to contribute
to this group and to the thriving BX, but realize I am at the bottom of
this learning curve. I look forward to personally meeting some of you at
the NARGS Western Winter Study Weekend get-together and possibly even
when touring Jane McGary's bulb frames, which has been mentioned on this

Colette Menasian

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