Some frits are waking up Communicating about soil and grit size

Adam Fikso
Tue, 03 Mar 2009 11:54:47 PST
Hello Nhu --There is a problem here related to the standardization of grit 
size of stone in soils. There are many such sets of standards for different 
sizes of grit, depending on usage.  e.g., for lapidary work --grits are 
noted in terms of mesh size per inch for abrasives up to 50,000 + per square 
inch. For woodwork, etc. , there is more than one kind of grit size standard 
for  sandpaper, wet and dry,and  for stone sizes in rock and quarry 
materials for landscaping--and most of these scales  are available and 
downloadable  from the internet.
Albert's idea of a photo would definitely solve some of these problems if 
there was always a scale in the photo however crude, such as a quarter or 
shilling, a cigarette, a finger or a ruler marked off in centimeters or 
inches. Using the plant as a scaling device doesn't work if the plant isn't 
known to most people, or is outside the usual range of sizes

Putting a sample of the grit(s)  in a teaspoon might be widely enough known 
to work quite well. What's universally recognizable and  available to be 

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