Herbertia lahue

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I am certainly no inte..... ente..... enti..... enta...  I am certainly not a bugspert.


I did take some pics with my macro maybe one of them has the bug in it. I have not looked at them since I took them.


I live out in the coutry with no highspeed internet. I am on dialup ... well lets just say it is called "dial up" but I connect at the blazing speed of 16K. And no I did not make a mistake in typing that number. So needless to say I don't upload many pics, video or music to the web. 


I can make a pic into a small file size so I can send it to you if  that is ok. Some people don't like to be sent file attachments so let me know if it is ok to send to you. and anyone else who would like to see it, let me know.




Woodville, TX 8b/9a



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> Justin? Could the small "flies" that you saw-- have been small bees that 
> you did not
> recognize as being bees?
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