Christiaan van Schalkwyk
Fri, 20 Mar 2009 01:27:56 PDT
Hi Mary-Sue

Thanks for all your time and effort into the wiki.

I would love to continue adding pictures and help - especially when my life 
returns to a quieter normal sometimes in the future . . .

How's your wrist been handling all these hours in from of the computor ?

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> Hi,
> I'd like to announce some changes in the people who help me with the wiki.
> Jay Yourch is retiring as he is really busy at the moment. I'm really
> grateful for all the help he gave me for a number of years. Besides 
> helping
> with technical issues including making us more secure and creating our
> first thumbnails, he also added many beautiful pictures and text for a lot
> of the wiki pages (especially Narcissus hybrids, Crinum and Crinum hybrids
> and Zephyranthes hybrids, but many others as well.) And he recruited some
> of his friends to add pictures too.
> Linda Foulis is taking some time off, but hopes to be able to help again 
> in
> the future.
> David Pilling is now providing technical support. And my Lithuanian helper
> is still willing to answer questions and provide help as well. Nhu Nguyen
> continues to help me in multiple ways.
> Although we continue to find things that need correcting on the wiki, I'm
> now ready to allow others to add to it again. We have decided to start 
> over
> with the approved users. So if you wish to be able to add images and edit
> text and are willing to learn the new system, contact me privately. Next
> week I'll send out the new password and instructions. Most of the markup
> for the new wiki is different from the old wiki, but there are Gui Buttons
> to help you. Some things are easier (once you learn how to do them.) I 
> will
> still be correcting things and will help people learn the new system, but
> please don't send me your pictures and ask me to add them to the wiki for
> you. I need to catch up on all the things I've neglected while I've worked
> on the conversion. There may be people who are willing to add pictures for
> others once they learn the new system.
> Mary Sue
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